UCW Donation Requests

It was decided at a recent board meeting that, because of disbanding and aging UCWs, we would no longer send out letters asking for donations of cookies and craft supplies. That being said, we do still need cookies and will gladly take donations! If you or your UCW group would like to donate cookies, please get in touch with us either via email at camp@rocklake.com, by phone at (204) 825-2553 or via any of our social media pages and we’ll figure out a good time to connect.

As for craft donations, here’s a list of supplies we would really appreciate:

  • Washable tempera paint (like the stuff above)
  • Masking tape, duct tape, scotch tape, any tape really!
  • White t-shirts/other items for the kids that forget something to tye dye. Anything you have (pillowcases, towels, etc) would be very appreciated!
  • Plastic fillable easter eggs

We also gladly accept financial donations to help with the cost of these supplies. Just make sure you note “Craft Supplies” in the memo line!

Thank you to those who have donated and continue to do so! We appreciate it!