RLUCC has two kayaks and several canoes available. Each week (weather permitting), campers are given the opportunity to head out on the lake and experience canoeing with the help of our waterfront staff and counsellors.


Campers have an opportunity to learn about archery safety and practice their skills. This activity also promotes the development of turn-taking skills.

Nature Science

What better place to learn about nature than right in the middle of it? We have so many ecosystems right at our finger tips. Campers get to learn about nature in an immersive setting every day.


Every camp session, we end our first night with a campfire. This is an opportunity for kids to learn some of the standard campfire songs, sing, and dance around while getting to know each other.


We like to offer our campers an opportunity to explore many different activities, and the drama session allows for a change of pace from outdoor activities. Campers can take full advantage of our costume room while expressing themselves creatively planning their own skits.

Field Games/Mega Ball

Every day, campers are given an opportunity to run and play in our playing field. We have a variety of games and activities for all age groups. The Mega Ball is a favourite for younger campers!

Water Games

When you spend your summers outside, sometimes you have to come up with some creative ways to stay cool. Water fights, mud pits, and a giant slip and slide are just a few ways we beat the heat at RLUCC!


RLUCC is equipped for baseball, volleyball, and basketball. Campers are welcome to use these facilities during their free time.


On the last night of our Intermediate and Teen camps, we host a dance for the campers. It’s a great way to end the week!

Talent Shows

Every camp session features a talent show where campers are given the opportunity to showcase some of the awesome skills they have. A highlight of the week for sure!

Chapel Planning

As an accredited United Church Camp, we offer Christian Education in the form of chapel planning. Campers are given the opportunity to explore the theme a little deeper and plan the worship service for that evening, We are lucky to be able to have United Church Ministry Personnel out to the camp to help us with this!

Night Games

These games are the whole reason we switch to Camp Time! Capture The Flag, Red Alert, and others are favourites of the campers every year.

Arts & Crafts

With our arts and crafts, we like to show our campers creative ways to reuse and recycle various things found around the house in creative, new ways. They also get to bring it home with them!


Did you know that there is more to RLUCC than meets the eye when you arrive? We have several acres of property on the other side of the playing field, which gives our campers an awesome place to hike and explore while enjoying a view of the lake.

Bouldering / Climbing Wall

Another activity we have at RLUCC is our bouldering wall. Campers climb across using hand and foot holds.