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Ensure your booking falls within our Camp Season, spanning from May to August. Check-in time is at 5 pm every Friday.
Check-out time is at 11 am.

**additional fee of $8/person per day will be charged for everyone over the age of 5.

Note: A $350 deposit is required for all rentals to reserve the camp. This deposit will be returned by mail after satisfactory inspection of the camp facilities. This deposit must accompany your completed rental agreement in order to secure the booking.  The rental fee is set taking into consideration that the group renting the premises will perform the cleaning tasks as outlined under the cleaning schedule.
The Camp reserves the right to withhold the deposit where cleaning is not completed, where renters stay past 2:00:PM check out without prior arrangements being made, or where renters otherwise violate the terms and conditions of the rental. Checkout after 2:00:PM is an extra half day rate of 175.00, no per diem. The Camp will retain the $350 deposit if the reservation is cancelled within seven days or less of the rental date.

Rental charge of Rock Lake United Church Camp
Would you like to proceed with the full payment for the rent at this time?
You will be expected to pay the full rental fee for the duration of your stay upon your arrival or prior to your stay.
Would you require accommodation in our staff house during your stay?
Would you require Dining Hall during your stay?
Rental Rates of Rock Lake United Church Camp
Rental Rates of Rock Lake United Church Camp
Rental charge of Rock Lake United Church Camp
Would you like to review the Terms and Conditions of the rental?
Terms and Conditions of Rental:
A. Rental charge of Rock Lake United Church Camp, Inc. is as follows:
Full Rental (including staff house) – $500/day*
Full Rental (not including staff house) – $385/day*
Dining Hall only (incl. kitchen) - $150.
B. Do not tamper with mechanical equipment. If there is a need for repair, please notify the Director on call for
the weekend – phone # to be provided at check-in.
C. No living trees are to be cut or injured in any way. Cut wood is provided or may be gathered from the dead
fall in the surrounding area.
D. Campfires must be in designated areas only, and thoroughly extinguished after use.
E. No firearms are allowed on camp property.
F. No illegal substance of any kind shall be introduced for consumption on camp property. Smoking is allowed
outdoors in designated areas only,
G. If you are here during our summer camp season (June - August), there may be Camp Staff on the property
while you are here. Part of their responsibility includes monitoring the facility and assuring that the conditions
of this agreement are being upheld by the rental party.
H. Rock Lake United Church Camp will not be responsible for any injuries, including death that may be
suffered by attendees, the rental user, or the rental user’s representatives, arising out of use of the premises or
equipment. If there is any damage to property and/or equipment incurred by rental users, the rental user will be
held responsible. All breakages/damages must be reported to the Camp Board.
I. Use of the waterfront facilities is at the risk of the Rental Party. No charge for use of Camp’s canoes, kayaks,
paddles, if neatly returned to where they were found. Renters must supply their own life jackets.
J. Cleaning Schedule:
1) Lodge: Tidy room, sweep floors
2) Cabins: Sweep floors
3) Dining Hall: Wash dishes, utensils and return them to their proper places, clean tables, and counters,
sweep and mop floor. The stoves and griddles are to be cleaned, if used. Instructions for using and
cleaning the griddle are posted.
4) Bathrooms: Garbage must be emptied, and toilets scrubbed. Counters should be wiped, floors cleaned,
and ensure the water is shut off in the sinks and showers.
5) All garbage is to be removed from buildings, tied, and placed in the garbage receptacles at the gate
entrance. Please return all equipment to designated areas.
6) All dishcloths and tea towels must be washed and placed in the dryer.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated by those that follow you and, of course, by the Rock Lake United Church Camp, Inc. Board.

You can always review the Terms and Conditions of the rental in our Rental Agreement listed on the website. Please be aware that not being familiar with the rental terms and conditions does not absolve you from liabilities.

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If you choose to pay by e-transfer, please send the amount from the 'Fees Due' field to the email address with the subject line: "[Your Group Name]: Camp Renting Fee Payment."

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